Sunday, November 30, 2008

Significance Of Cat Pet Insurance

Cats or felines as they are referred to in the scientific nomenclature are one of the popular species to have won the love of the humans as their pets.

Going Overseas? Do You Need Travel Insurance? Posted By : lar

Going Overseas? Do You Need Travel Insurance? Posted By : lar You may not need travel insurance, if you are already adequately covered by other insurance policies. But, you should check before you go.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Could Be Your Lifeline

If you were to find yourself out of work after suffering from an accident, were to become ill or become unemployed then life could get extremely hard and you could be at risk of losing your home if you cannot keep up with the mortgage ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Life Insurance

I want you to think about your family – your spouse and children. Do you spend time with them? Do you take them to the movies, restaurants and parks? Can you feel the joy and love when you go out together as a family?

Do not buy insurance buy freedom instead ?

Insurance coverage is not what you need and you already know that .What you need is cash to take care of your heirs when you die , take care of you and your family at time of disability and or critical illness .

Why should I purchase renters insurance?

Even though you may not own the building in which you live, you still have personal property as well as possible liability exposures that need to be protected.

Florida insurance risk near $2 trillion

The nonstop coastal building across Florida is pushing the state's insurance risk to some $2 trillion.